Female-nonbinary genderfuid (?), 18 yrs. Asexual but panromantic.
Female/neutral pronouns are the best bet ^^
Mammalian Dragonkin.
Mnae is my preferred name.
I am a witch.
I am Pagan.
No I am not Wiccan.
I worship my own deities, Storm and Healer mostly.
Oh, also Pops is here too if anyone would like to talk to him. He talks in parenthesis.
(If you need me, request me or you're getting Mnae.)
  1. elvenash said: I do this too and it’s always so cute to think about uwu
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    I do the same thing actually.
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    I accept this headcannon. Ah it’s so cute in my head.
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    omfg no that is amazing headcanon: you are a dragon typing on a computer you can’t change my mind nope
  6. witchyroses said: thats adorable
  7. ittybittynymphette said: I can just imagine a big dragon typing with one claw at a time on a teeny keyboard aslkjdal so cuteee
  8. reapershadcat said: i do this too its great haha
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