Nonbinary fuzzbutt dragon
18 yrs. Asexual but panromantic.
They/them pronouns please!
Mammalian Dragonkin.
Mnae is my preferred name.
I am a witch.
I am Pagan.
No I am not Wiccan.
I worship my own deities, Storm and Healer mostly.
Pops is here, he speaks in parenthesis ( )
Tabby is here, he speaks in brackets [ ]
See dragon list below for who they are.
  1. elvenash said: I do this too and it’s always so cute to think about uwu
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    I do the same thing actually.
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    I accept this headcannon. Ah it’s so cute in my head.
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    omfg no that is amazing headcanon: you are a dragon typing on a computer you can’t change my mind nope
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